Gold Leaf Kit

Gold Leaf Kit

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If you've ever had an interest in gilding, this Gold Leaf Kit is the perfect way to try your hand at it. 

Gilding is a simple and satisfying process, which involves applying adhesive to the area you wish to add the gold leaf, then transferring the gold leaf to this area using the wax paper. This can be done on a number of surfaces to create dazzling results. 

With everything you need to get started including:

  • 25 Imitation Gold Leaves
  • 60ml of Adhesive 
  • 1.5" Soft Brush 
  • Size 3 Soft Round Brush
  • Shellac Varnish
  • 3 Thick Hardboard Squares (240mm x 240mm x 2mm) 
  • 5 Waxed Sheets