Collection: Senja Brendon

Travelling extensively around Scotland in her camper van, Senja is near the elements and her subject matter, from sunsets in the west and dawns in the east, to the crashing waves of the north shore and all the wild coastlines between.

When she can’t be in, or by, the sea, she loves to surround herself with ocean art, a chance to carry her back to that feeling of wellbeing. This is what she shares with you through her art – her adventures and dreams of the ocean.

Sometimes, Senja will paint on location – fast, responsive marks to record the
moment, free from overthinking and at one with the elements. At other
times, she is in the studio, delving into memories and letting the paint lead the way, creating huge waves or sparkling shorelines. Senja exclaims that painting is akin to having a meaningful conversation with the canvas – sometimes we challenge each other, sometimes we silently agree and, occasionally, we need a bit of space!

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