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Scott is originally from a small town in County Durham where he left to go to art school in 1986.
After graduating frim Bath Academy of Art  in 1990 , Scott worked in Youth Homelessness in Glasgow with various organisations. Throughout that time he spent a lot of his spare time trying to progress as a freelance artist and illustrator and then became a full time artist in 2014.
Scott creates mainly watercolours or large oil and acrylic paintings. As well as creating his own work, he has also been commissioned to do illustrations and private artwork. Scott sells original work and limited edition prints in various online locations and through Social media (Wingnut Art on Facebook and Wingnut Walker Art on Instagram).

Scott has developed his current style over the past 20 years relishing increasingly in more detailed work. Scott's humour and personal connections are very important in the images he produces. He draws upon real experiences, conversations, music, reading, travelling, observations and obscure interpretations to create very colourful and intricate work to illustrate what can be seen, heard and thought.

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